Custom E-Tune:


This is a complete custom tuning expierence tailored to your specific vehicle.  All modifications will be taken in account, as well as datalogging and revisions being absolutely necessary.


If you are looking for a complete custom tuning experience to get the most out of your modified car, look no further.


A typical E-tune expierece is as follows:  Base map, send datalogs, revision 1, send datalogs, etc. until we are satisfied with how the car is performing. 


Gains expected:

10%-15% gains over stock HP and TQ (depending on fuel and modifications)


For aftermarket turbo, you MUST add the "aftermarket turbo" item (+$100)

For Flex-fuel (Ethanol mix), you MUST add the "Flex-Fuel" item (+$3500)

For injectors larger than 1000cc, you MUST add "+1000cc Injectors" item (+$150)




    A Sample of cars we've Worked with in the past

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